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HTC Launch The New Mini-A Super Accessory For The HTC Butterfly Smartphone

The HTC Butterfly is without question one of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of 2013. Some regions such are lucky enough to have already seen the new model hit shelves and many others, including the UK, should see the model arrive over the coming weeks. HTC have just unveiled a new accessory for the phone named the HTC Mini which enables a host of new functions to be performed with the device.
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The new HTC Mini is a remote device that offers both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The Mini is designed to work alongside the new HTC Butterfly and it has just been launched in China. Other countries that are yet to see the new phone launched will be hoping that when it does arrive the Mini will also be given a release. The new remote device connects to the Butterfly via Bluetooth and basically enables users to make and receive calls without physically needing to touch the mobile phone, instead relying on the much smaller Mini. The HTC Mini can also connect to the phone with NFC and when using this method it acts as a remote server to the main phone. This enables a wide variety of tasks to be performed including reading messages, checking calendar entries and displaying call logs. Click here for more HTC Butterfly News.

The new HTC Mini is a superb accessory for the new HTC Butterfly handset and there are a range of more unusual tasks that this great device can perform. When the Butterfly is connected to an HDTV the Mini doubles up as a remote control allowing users to easily navigate the menus that are displayed on screen. Camera fans will also appreciate the fact that the Mini can be used to remotely activate the shutter on the camera facility, opening a world of possibilities in terms of photography. The device also features a facility for finding a misplaced handset that could prove very useful for anybody who has experienced not knowing where they left their phone. Get the best HTC Butterfly contract offers here.

The HTC Butterfly should be arriving in the UK very soon complete with a host of excellent features and great specification. We are hoping that when this model does hit the shelves that the excellent HTC Mini accessory will also be available.