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HTC One not landing in stores until the end of March or early April

Looking forward to getting your hands on a brand new HTC One this Friday (tomorrow)? If this is the case we have bad news for you. The Taiwanese firm’s new flagship will not be landing in stores in the UK until the end of March or early April.HTC One_Silver_3V

The company announced in a statement, “We will start fulfilling pre-orders by the end of March in certain markets and will roll out product to more markets as we approach April.”

This delayed release date comes after reports of parts supply issues that plagued production. With the lack of parts to build the smartphone, reports said that stocks would be limited.

Delayed release dates are common in the mobile world. However, this would have been alright if the circumstances were different. HTC is in desperate need to get back into the game, after announcing dismal earnings (the worst in three years). To make things worse, Samsung will be lifting the lid on the Galaxy S4 today. This will shift the interest to Samsung’s new flagship, making HTC miss the opportunity to sell the One.

With the Galaxy S4 expected to be another success from the Korean tech giant, HTC needs to address its supply hiccups soon. If not, it will definitely be facing an uncertain future.

Were you looking forward to getting your hands on the HTC One on Friday? Disappointed it will be delayed? Let us know through a comment below.

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