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HTC pulling up like never before

Finally, HTC was able to manage to end their six month losing streak. They were able to come back with their month-on-month revenue growth. This is all thanks to their Windows Phone 8 devices in the likes of the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S. The company’s current Windows Phone 8 flagship device the 8X was able to bring them 23% sales increase from October. This is good news for the ailing Taiwanese mobile phone giant. 

It is quite surprising how the HTC 8X was able to reach the low 41st place ranking at Amazon Wireless considering that this used to perform quite well when it first came out. HTC was also noted to perform strongly at the Amazon Wireless site last year. If you look at Expansys’ UK website, the 8X is lagging behind Motorola RAZR and Acer Liquid Glow. If you check Expansys Germany site, you will also notice how the HTC 8X dropped out of the top 20 devices. The good news is that the HTC 8S is holding strong at No. 7.

Yes we are not saying that Expansys is the best reflection of the market demand for Europe, but this website is quite popular in Europe as they tend to reflect early adaptor demand in the region quite well. Back in 2011, Expansys was heavily dominated by HTC.

The new Windows Phone 8 device by HTC the 8X, is sadly fading fast in Germany and the UK. This is a bad indication for the still ailing company. However, it is still quite possible for the HTC 8S’ aggressive pricing to give the company a strong foothold when it comes to the value smartphone market.

Currently, the HTC 8S is priced at 300 Euros in Europe and it is said to beat Samsung’s ATIV S (when it comes to pricing) at 550 Euros and the Nokia Lumia 920’s 650 Euros price. It was earlier reported that the new Nokia Lumia 920 is widely sold out. Now, the availability of the HTC 8X and 8S together with the Samsung ATIV S is indeed paving way for HTC to climb back up to the top before Q4 closes for this year.

With this, it could help HTC to climb back on top of the ladder with higher sales in Europe while the Nokia Lumia 920 is still out of the picture.

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