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New HTC Titan revealed by Xbox survey

Recently the web is being populated with rumours about the 3rd new HTC handset sporting Windows Phone 8 OS. Yes, HTC introduced to us their current Windows Phone 8 flagship the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S. But why is the rumour not dying? Well, is it because of the evidence that was recently leaked online? If you look at it, you will also be convinced that there is a 3rdHTC Windows Phone 8 device and it is called the HTC Titan 3. Now, this supposedly accident revelation is nothing but Microsoft’s own doing with its recent survey suggesting a third device.

HTC Titan

The original HTC Titan device was considered as a monster back then, this is with the phone’s gigantic 4.7” WVGA display (and way before the 5” devices are out). Now, the HTC Titan 2 came with 16MP spec. The sad thing is that this was a North American release and it never even reached the UK. If and when the survey is right, then the HTC Titan 3 might share the same fate at the HTC Titan 2. 

WP Central is one responsible in giving away the survey data and it was distributed to Xbox Live users. The survey is specifically asking about the HTC Titan 3 in context with newly released Windows Phone device, iOS, and Android device.

The survey also said that the new handsets included the Nokia Lumia 920 (another Windows Phone 8 handset and current WP8 flagship device). If you look at it closely, you can’t say that it was a typo as theHTC Titan 2 doesn’t sport the latest WP8 OS (instead it uses WP 7.5 as its OS). Now, this automatically makes the HTC Titan 3 an unlikely prospect for this month.

If you remember it, the HTC Titan 2 was revealed during CES 2012 and it is said that HTC’s global Android fleet are expected to land in February in time for the MWC. A possible CES appearance is only but logical for HTC to introduce their American WP8 new device/s.

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