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HTC trashed planned smartphones list for next year

DigiTimes reported about HTC trashing the development of a few new smartphone models they actually planned releasing next year. Instead of the original plan, HTC downgraded their shipment growth forecasts for 2013. DigiTimes citing unnamed sources said that Taiwanese phone manufacturer revised its 2013 smartphone shipment growth predictions from 20-30% to 10-15%. 

The Taiwanese maker of the Android HTC One X+ and Windows Phone 8 HTC 8X has been going through financial crises all year long. The company may be delivering amazing high-end and entry-level smartphones to the market, but it seems that whatever they choose to offer us is being ignored by many and instead they choose to go for Apple or Samsung devices.

If HTC’s decision of downgrading their shipment growth predictions for 2013 and totally bypassing high-end models for next year will help them, so be it. But the news about their sales forecast going down is not new at all. It’s sad for those who patronize smartphones by HTC, but they simply cannot penetrate the heavily Samsung and Apple dominated market of today.

With Samsung and Apple releasing famous smartphones today and dominating the worldwide smartphone market, it is only wise for HTC to bring more lower-end devices to the market. Most especially if people are buying them.

Recently, comScore figures for the UK came out and it showed year-on-year increases in market share for Samsung and Apple. RIM, HTC, and Nokia on the other hand is currently being given a tiny slice of market share.

On a lighter note, things are way better for HTC when it comes to their East market share. According to DigiTimes, they say that there is an intense competition from the local white-box smartphone vendors and is forcing HTC to produce low-end smartphones instead of high-end ones for the China market. HTC is still hoping for the best and that their recent partnership with Microsoft will pay off soon.

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