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HTC UK Senior Execs left the company

Last week, we reported on Phil Robertson’s departure from HTC. It looks like two other Senior HTC execs left HTC as well. Aside from Robertson, Atkins and Coombes left HTC days after the company announced EMEA co-founder Philip Blair was to take over Phil Robertson’s place and become the new HTC UK and Ireland head. htc_slough_2

However, HTC’s spokesman would not confirm whether Atkins and Coombes will be replaced or if they have new jobs to jump to after leaving their respective HTC posts. It is understood that Gaelle Walton (HTC’s  Senior UK Marketing Manager) will be assuming some of Atkin’s responsibilities.

HTC is set to change its Marketing techniques as they want to appeal more to the mass market and to basically build a brand that is targeted for young generation of today.

The company recently launched its HTC One, and Atkins said that HTC will look to “own the conversation” on social media with strategic media buys to penetrate the tough mobile phone market which we all know is heavily dominated by both Samsung and Apple.

Atkins joined HTC in 2011. He was Freesat’s Commercial Marketing Manager before joining HTC. Since his involvement with the Taiwanese phone maker, he has overseen several marketing campaigns for the companies “One” series handsets and was in charge of HTC UK and Ireland activation of the brand’s sponships of the UEFA Champions League and the MOBO Awards.

Coombes on the other hand joined HTC in 2011 as well, but this time, he came from Nokia, where he was in charge of the company’s EE account.

Why are the HTC top execs are leaving the company now?

Your thoughts please.

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