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HTC will hold its pre-MWC 2013 press conference on the 19th of February

HTC, the Taiwanese phone maker is said to hold its own press conference on the 19th of February. Yes, we all know that this is a good week before the start of the much-awaited Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013). HTC’s press conference will take place in London and will start at 10:00AM local time.

Unlike its rival Nokia, which confirmed its pre-MWC 2013 press event on the 25th of February, HTC’s press conference will take place outside the host city of the Mobile World Congress (which is in Barcelona, Spain). Why? Well, HTC is trying to have more of the bright spotlights for itself.

If you think about it, the Taiwanese phone maker’s plan is nothing but good. It could also succeed, considering the fact that they will be announcing the arrival of the up and coming Android flagship device, the HTC M7.

Yes, this is the successor to their current Android flagship the HTC One X+. The M7 is said to boast the smallest screen with full HD capability (and we are talking about 1080p here). With its 4.7” display screen, you are guaranteed with a mind-blowing experience with its 1080p and 468ppi.

We may have seen different parts of this future HTC Android flagship device (all thanks to leaked images online), so basically, the HTC M7 is just waiting for its official announcement and is no longer a subject of undying rumours. It is also most likely that the HTC M7 will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS with the latest HTC Sense UI version 5.0.

Furthermore, HTC’s London press conference will have a parallel event to be held in New York USA on the 19th of February as well.
Yes, we are definitely getting close to the Mobile World Congress event, and even closer to HTC’s press conference. All we have to do now is to simply wait and see.

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