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In the UK Windows Phone devices are now leading

In the UK, it seems like the Android OS and iOS are slowly losing its grounds to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. Yes, today, about 17% of Windows Phone users jumped ship from Google and Apple’s platforms. This new data is according to research firm Kantar. windows-phone

Kantar said that Microsoft made huge gains in the UK, with the company adding 700,000 new users to its platform within the last year.

This all happened during the last three months to the end of January. The Windows Phone OS managed to steal 6% of the overall smartphone sales in the UK (a big leap from its 2.4% in the same period last year).

It was the Finnish phone maker’s Lumia 800 which grabbed the best-selling Windows Phone device title in the UK in that same period, but Nokia was not the sole company to benefit from the Windows boost. Yes, HTC’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device the 8X was the top three spot holder.

According to Kantar’s survey, nearly one in five WP OS users had previously owned an Android phone, about 2% were iOS users.

Surprisingly, BlackBerry and Symbian OS also gained with 6% and 26% respectively. The Windows Phone OS is also popular with first time smartphone buyers.

The Android OS may be losing some of its customers to Microsoft’s WP OS, but we all know that Google still hold a huge 56.2% of the overall UK market. Apple with its 30.6% share.

BlackBerry is the obvious loser as the company dropped to fourth place with only 5.8% smartphone sales.

In the UK, France, Germany, US, Australia, and Italy the Windows Phone has now taken the third top spot. The Windows Phone OS seems to have finally made good on its potential as takes the third spot and is now behind the Android OS and the iOS.

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