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iOS Set For A Major Update Following Criticism From Rival Chief

It is widely accepted that we will see the new iPhone 5S arrive in the second half of the year. The model is tipped to boast a number of significant changes from the current iPhone 5 including a revamped operating system in the shape of iOS7. It looks as though these changes to the OS are even more vital now following criticism of the existing software from a rival chief this week.iphone 5s

Thorstein Heins is the head of Blackberry and in the last few days he has had a swipe at Apple and in particular the iOS operating system that is used by Apple mobile devices. He has commented that the platform is now looking dated following its introduction back in 2007. He went on to state that in the past six years the software has failed to evolve and it is now overshadowed by his own companies Blackberry OS along with HTC Sense and Windows Phone. Following his cutting remarks internet site uSwitch questioned their own fans to see what they thought on the matter and it seems the majority agree with Mr Heins. 501 people were questioned and 390 of these stated that iOS now feels tired when compared to the more elaborate interfaces that are now available. Following this news and the remarks by Mr Heins Apple will be keen to ensure that the new iPhone 5S arrives with a completely revamped OS. Click here for more
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Even prior to Mr Heins comments it seems that Apple had planned to overhaul iOS. Last year it was announced that responsibility for updating iOS had been handed to design guru Sir Jony Ive. Traditionally Mr Ive is associated with the development of hardware but it is thought that he will translate his “less is more” approach over to the operating system. With Ive in charge of iOS we are expecting some major changes and many experts are already predicting that the software will feature at least one “killer” new feature. We expect to see the iPhone 5S arrive along with iOS7 later in the Summer this year. Get the best iPhone 5S offers here

Apple will be cautious not to drastically alter iOS as they will not want to alienate the millions of consumers that love the simplicity of the package. On the other hand however it seems some changes are needed to prevent the package looking dated and therefore we should expect some improvements to iOS7 when it debuts on the iPhone 5S.