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IPad Mini 2: Review and Release Date

After the unparalleled success of iPad mini, Apple has decided to launch its successor, iPad Mini 2. IPad mini received a great fan following and it carried the tradition of small tablet well after it was initiated by Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Nexus 7. However, iPad mini did not feature some of the characteristics, iPad 4 had.

The successor of iPad mini is coming with all incredible features. It would possess a retina display along with other stunning features. Here are some of its highly popular features:

IPAD MINI 2 Screen:

The drawback regarding resolution witnessed in iPad mini has been worked out in its successor version, iPad Mini 2. This new version of iPad mini adjusts to the screen pretty well and provides more clarity to the display. IPad Mini 2 will possess a pixel density of 324 ppi, which is simply extra-ordinary and far better than its predecessor.

The existence of a retina display will add to the sharpness of the display in this device. The screen experience for the iPad Mini 2 users will definitely prove to be worthwhile.


IPad Mini 2 possesses almost the same design as its predecessor and there are no big differences visible between the two devices.

The looks of iPad mini 2 will resemble to a great extent to the iPad 5. Although, reports have indicated to the fact that the current version of iPad mini will be slimmer than the other iPad devices. This will be made possible with the help of IGZO screen technology. It will definitely make the device thinner. Since, iPad mini 2 will be thinner; there are speculations that it will be lighter too.


If the sources are to be believed, iPad mini 2 will sport a stronger processor, Apple A6X which is used in iPad 4. The major reason behind using a stronger processor is the higher screen resolution in this device which will require strong processor for its fast working.


The theory of consistent pricing will prove to be quite beneficial for the users and they will be able to purchase the new version of iPad mini in the same price as its successor. The Wi-Fi model having the data storage capacity of 16 GB will cost 269 pounds to the user, whereas the 32 GB variant is expected to cost 349 Pounds and 64 GB will cost 429 pounds.

The growing competition among the tablets in the market has forced Apple to reduce the pricing levels of the most anticipated iPad mini 2. The attractive pricing of this device will surely attract the attention of Apple fans and it is expected to pitch better sales than its predecessor for many reasons.


However, no official statement has been yet received from the authorities of Apple, but if the sources are to be believed, this new version of iPad mini will launch around October. Apple is working on many other products as well; therefore the release of iPad mini 2 might be delayed until October. There are huge expectations of Apple from this device. We will have to wait and see if this device will be able to carry forward the legacy of iPad mini.

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