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The iPhone 5 is BING’s most searched gadget this year

Microsoft’s search engine Bing recently published their most-searched news stories for 2012. Surprisingly, the iPhone 5 tops the list. This is ahead of US 2012 presidential election, Super storm ‘Sandy’, and London 2012 Olympics.

It was only last September when the iPhone 5 was launched. And yes, it was the subject of many news reports and rumours the whole year. People were too eager to know about its launch date and what features they can expect from it. 

Taylor Soper wrote “Tim Cook might want to send a thank you card to Steve Ballmer this morning”.

Now, this is Bing’s list: iPhone 5; 2012 elections; 2012 Olympics; Hurrican Sandy; “Honey Boo Boo” reality show; “Gangnam Style” dance; KONY 2012; Academy Awards; Kindle Fire HD; and Facebook IPO.

If you look at it, the iPhone 5 is more famous than the recent presidential election. The good news is that the presidential election defeated “Honey Boo Boo”. Other tech news sites reported on Bing’s list and it included the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Facebook’s May public stock offering.

Now, onto more fun topic, Kim Kardashian topped Bing’s most-searched person for 2012. She dethroned Justin Bieber who reigned as last year’s most-searched person.

Apple also dominated Bing’s list of most-searched consumer electronics. Apple also took 5 out of 10 spots. This is sad news for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 powered devices (i.e. Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X).

Meanwhile, Samsung was included in the list with their Samsung Galaxy S3 device as one of the most-popular products for 2012. This was followed by Kindle and Playstation 3 gaming console.

Before I end this, Microsoft found their self as a part of consumer-electronics list (Windows 8 included).Yes, Bing may not be as famous as Google (with a market share of almost 67%) but it is the second most popular search engine in the USA today.

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