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iPhone 5 Christmas Gift Reported As Stolen

This year Apple products were some of the most demanded Christmas gifts with models like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini topping many peoples Christmas wish lists. One consumer however got more than they bargained for when ordering an iPhone 5 from a famous website.

While trying to purchase an iPhone 5 for his mother, Ben Dreyfuss found an excellent deal on the popular Amazon Warehouse site but when the model actually arrived he was in for quite a shock. When it came to activating the new handset it was flagged up as stolen. Amazon Warehouse gives users the opportunity to purchase desirable goods which have been refurbished at knock down prices. This makes the service popular for high price items such as the iPhone 5. Mr Dreyfuss took to Twitter on Christmas Day tweeting “I bought my my Mom an iPhone for Christmas off Amazon and when she tried to activate it they told her it had been stolen”. For more
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Although this looks like a genuine mistake on the part of Amazon the news will no doubt sound alarm bells for many users of the retail site. The company have responded to Ben’s complaint and the iPhone 5 handset in question has now been returned and replaced. If you have used Amazon Warehouse or indeed any internet site to purchase this excellent phone and you are now concerned whether the phone is stolen then it is a simple task to check this out. A quick call to your network provider will enable them to check the IMEI number on the phone to check its status. If the handset is flagged up then Amazon users should contact them via the Contact Us section of their site and then click on the Stolen Item tab which should ensure that your enquiry is dealt with a little quicker than normal. Check out the best Vodafone iPhone 5 packages here

This certainly looks like an isolated case but if you are concerned about your new iPhone 5 it is a quick and simple process to have the model checked out.