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The iPhone 5 Helps Apple Claim Half The US Market Over The Last Three Months

The new iPhone 5 has so far proven to be the most popular smartphone that Apple have ever launched and the release of this model has helped Apple to top US smartphone sales over the last three month period. Over in Europe however the iOS platform is still living in the shadows of Android, its main rival.

Kantar Worldpanel Comtech are the company who have compiled these latest figures which show that in the United States Apple have dominated the smartphone market over the last three month period with a 53.3 per cent total share of the market. This figure represents the first time that Apple have claimed over half of the market in any one period and it has helped to ensure that the rival Android platform has to be content with second position. When compared to the same period last year the figure is a 17.5 per cent rise for Apple and this is mainly thanks to the high profile launch of the iPhone 5 back in October. Thanks to the brand new design of this model along with the larger 4 inch Retina Display the model has developed into the best selling handset ever released by the company. For more
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Apple are not having things all their own way over in Europe however. Despite a 2.5 per cent rise in sales this market continues to be driven by the Google Android platform. The three month period in question saw this platform claim a huge 61 per cent chunk of the smartphone market. This entailed that devices like the iPhone 5 from Apple would sit quite some way behind in second position with a share of 25.3%. One company who will be delighted with this latest report will be Microsoft who saw their brand new Windows 8 software help the company to a 2.1 per cent rise in market share meaning that they controlled 4.7 per cent of the market during this period. Check out fantastic iPhone 5 deals here

The iPhone 5 may have helped Apple scale great heights over in the US but it looks as though they are finding it hard to topple Android over in Europe.