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iPhone 5 And iOS Figures Revealed For Black Friday

Black Friday is traditionally a bumper day of the year for retailers and Apple will be delighted how iOS devices of theirs performed on this day of the year. New figures show that models like the iPhone 5 and the iPad range dominated proceedings as retailers begin to gear up for the Christmas rush.

Black Friday traditionally falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US and for many retailers it is officially the star of the Christmas rush. To mark this day many shops and outlets begin sales on this day and also open early to enable customers to get the best bargains. Although Black Friday originates in the US the tradition has been adopted by many other markets across the globe. This year latest reports suggest that Black Friday sales were dominated by Apple products like the iPhone 5. According to market analysts IBM the iOS platform claimed an 18.5 per cent chunk of trading on this day. The desirability of Apple devices is a huge factor behind the public’s affection for the models and they were streets ahead of big rivals Android on the day who secured a share of 5.5 per cent. For more
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What makes the Black Friday figures even more impressive is that Apple actually offer a fairly small range of products to consumers. Android devices are available from several manufacturers but Apple offer just a couple of smartphones, three tablets and a range of MP3 players. The one product which has been a stand out success for Apple is the iPhone 5. This new handset was launched in October and has attracted millions of sales since it hit the market. In the build up to Christmas we have seen the iPad attracting more attention and the two new models, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini both look set to sell well over the festive period. Find the best iPhone 5 EE Contract prices here

A small but strong range of products like the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 have served Apple well on Black Friday and this success looks set to continue over the entire festive period.