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iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 spotted in China

The up and coming iPhone 5 sequel, the iPhone 5S and the 5 inch iPhone 6 have shown up in China. Yes, this good news is according to a micro-blogging site in China. 20130208-192117

Sina Tech’s user Old Yao said that both of the new Apple models could also be released this year. Yao reported that his friend (at a supplier) have seen both of the new Apple devices. According to him, the iPhone 5S looks just like (guess what?) the iPhone 5. However, the bigger iPhone 6 boasts that longer, thinner, and wider built than the iPhone 5.

As Apple is getting closer to the much-anticipated launch of its new flagship device, rumours and speculations are spreading and plaguing the net like crazy. With all the rumours that are now out (and still coming out) it is not that easy to believe all of them. Although, you have to admit it, that those rumours can actually lure you to believe that what you hear and see are true. Yes, they have that kind of power. But, (again) until we hear it from Apple, we should not get that excited about it.

Now, many analysts speculates that Apple will release its iPhone 5S and that it will be a simple revamped version of the iPhone. They also said that it could launch this June or July.

KGI Securities’s Ming-Chi Kup said that the new iPhone device will land with the new A7 chip for faster performance and fingerprint sensor.

The bigger iPhone 6 has that potential of attracting people who simply are amazed of Samsung’s big smartphones in the likes of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

Now, whether this new rumour is true or not, it is only a matter of time before we hear Apple tell us of the good news.

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