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iPhone 5S to launch late June says Gene Munster

Analyst Gene Muster said that the next iPhone (iPhone 5S) will be out late June of this year. If and when his forecast comes to life, the Cupertino Firm will sell as many as 4 Million units before the month and the quarter ends. His estimate is patterned with the iPhone 5’s 5 Million units sold during its first weekend. Gene Munster

He also expects the company to sell 30 Million iPhone 5S’ units during that quarter, this is a huge 15% increase over Apple’s same quarter last year.

Like other analysts and Apple watchers, Munster expects the iPhone 5S to come in with a faster processor, improved camera, and new software features tied to its hardware. Basically, an improved iPhone 5 version.

He also thinks that there is an ‘outside chance’ for the new iPhone to come in with NFC chip to open the door for mobile payments.

Last year, Apple acquired security technology provider called AuthenTec. This could possibly lead to a biometric security feature (aka fingerprint reader) on the new iPhone. However, Munster thinks that this kind of feature is more likely to arrive with the budget-friendly iPhone 6 and not the iPhone 5S.

Apple could also announce its latest Television by the last quarter of 2013. This could also be followed by the much-talked about Smartwatch.

However, Munster doesn’t think that these products would generate substantial revenue for Apple (well not as much as the new iPhone can do. However, the said products would also show that the company is more than capable of creating innovative products (after the passing of its co-founder Steve Jobs).

Earlier, Munster said in an investors note: “We believe investors have wondered if Apple can put out new and innovating products without Steve Jobs,”

“We believe that ultimately, if Apple is viewed as a company that can innovate, the multiple will improve.”

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