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iPhone 6 new 4.2” and 4.8” concept renderings

The web is all about the successor of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S. It’s rare to find something about the other iPhone which is due to launch this year as well (according to rumours). Anyway, we thought about sharing the spotlight with the iPhone 6. In this article, we will talk about two new concept renderings of the iPhone 6. iphone-6-concept

It’s not that hard not to get confused with all of the rumours and renderings that we are seeing right now. As much as we would all like to believe that all of them are true, only time will tell which one is the right description of the up and coming Apple device the iPhone 6.

Let’s focus on two of the most recent concept renderings that appeared online. One of it is the iPhone 6 with 4.2” display screen and the other is the iPhone 6 with 4.8” display screen. Apple-iPhone-6-490x283

The first concept rendering is AppleInsider.ru (Russia). The image boasts a 4.2” iPhone 6 with 1136 x 640p display resolution. Basically, this is the same resolution found on the iPhone 5.

The next concept rendering is a bit bigger and it came from Deepak Ahija of Concept Phones. This time around he Deepak pegs the iPhone 6 at 4.8” display with LED backlit IPS LCD display and 720 x 1280p resolution.

Yes, hearing that the iPhone 6 will be offering us a bigger display screen is a welcome change. I am sure that more people will embrace the new iPhone even if it comes in with bigger display screen. We all know how the mobile phone market is currently flooded with big display screens devices. Maybe this is the time for Apple to join the bandwagon, and give its followers something new for a change.

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