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iPhone finally landing to T-Mobile USA

At long last, T-Mobile will be finally getting its iPhone today. At 10:45AM ET/7:45AM PT, T-Mobile will be hosting an event and will finally talk about its iPhone smartphone lineup. tmobile-iphone

T-Mobile has been talking about remaking itself as a “different carrier” and that the iPhone is an integral part of their plan.

Apple’s iPhone will be T-Mobile’s marquee product and will be featured with a no-contract and no-subsidy rules. With this, a customer can pay a minimal upfront fee or choose to go with monthly charges on top of their chosen plan in order for them to pay the phone’s actual cost.

The iPhone 5 is said to boost T-Mobile’s subscriber defections, with this, the company is hoping that they will give their clients slimmer chance of leaving them. Bright idea if you ask me.

T-Mobile also has shifted its focus to no-contract policy, the carrier’s existing base of contract subscribers are said to continue to flee at an alarming rate.

With the iPhone 5 landing to the carrier’s phone roster, the company’s 4G LTE capability is also expected to launch today.

The carrier is said to offer the new BlackBerry Z10 and the recently upgraded Samsung Galaxy Note 2 under their 4G LTE network.

However, there is still no official detail about pricing or availability about these new T-Mobile devices. I am sure that this will follow in today’s T-Mobile event.

Please note that the iPhone will not be available immediately, this is according to the T-Mobile unnamed source.

T-Mobile US is the last carrier to get its iPhone 5. Meanwhile, all of the other US carriers are already offering the iPhone 5 since it first came out last year.

Back in December, Apple and T-Mobile said that they will be bringing out products together this year. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere was more forthcoming about this new partnership and that the carrier is hoping that it would bring in a different customer base experience with the help of the iPhone.

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