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ITC panel ruling – Apple infringed on Samsung patents (older iPhones and iPads)

It was only yesterday when ITC finally released its ruling for the almost three year old Apple and Samsung bout. According to the panel’s decision, Apple infringed Samsung’s patent and Apple was slapped with a sales ban on some older iPhone and iPad models sold by AT&T. lawsuit1

ITC also issued a limited order which stops all imports and sales of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G devices by AT&T. However, some of these devices are no longer available.

ITC’s ruling can be reversed by the President’s office. If President Obama does not veto on it, it will go into effect in 60 days.

In a statement, Apple’s spokesperson Kristin Huguet said: “We are disappointed that the commission has overturned an earlier ruling and we plan to appeal. Today’s decision has no impact on the availability of Apple products in the United States”.

The ITC is a panel designed to act quickly and call for bans (this is difficult to get from a district court).

Samsung in a statement said that the ITC decision “confirmed Apple’s history of free-riding on Samsung’s technological innovations.”

“Our decades of research and development in mobile technologies will continue and we will continue to offer innovative products to consumers in the United States.”

This ruling automatically overturned Judge James Gildea’s decision handed last September. Judge Gildea’s ruling said that Apple did not infringe Samsung’s patent.

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