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Jelly Bean rollout for Samsung Galaxy S2 confirmed

A few months ago, Samsung was rumoured to be getting ready to roll out Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to the Galaxy S2. Now, it seems, the rumour is true as the Korean tech giant has revealed information about the update.sgs2-jelly-bean

Unfortunately, the details are in Korean, since the info has been let out on Samsung’s Korean site. The information in Korean tells us that the update will roll out to Korean S2 owners first. However, since the update will be pushed out in Korea, it is sure to arrive in the UK and other areas around the world soon after.

The information comes to courtesy of Android fans on the XDA Developers forum. The information on Samsung’s Korean site reveals that the update will be arriving to us via Kies. It also details how Jelly Bean will affect the handset. Due to the update’s size, it will consume 1GB of the phone’s memory, cutting down your memory from 12GB to 11GB.

All of the three phone networks in Korea will be rolling out the update to their S2-owning customers. Google Plus, a few Google Play apps, and Smart Stay will be included. Smart Stay made its debut on the Galaxy S3. It detects that you are still looking at the display, keeping it lit.

Another Samsung-made device that will be getting Jelly Bean treatment is the original Galaxy Note. This proves that not only the latest Samsung models will be receiving the update.

Can’t wait to get Jelly Bean running on your Samsung Galaxy S2? Keep it here for more updates.