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Latest LG ad – anti-iPhone 5?

It is not that easy to pick that one smartphone for yourself. Yes, with all of the things that we are now given by different mobile honchos, it is not that easy to just go with one unit. Well, if you have tons of money to splurge around, you can do so. But we all know that it’s not for all of us. lg-vs-apple

Now, one of the Korea’s top mobile phone makers LG, recently launched an ad for their new Optimus G Pro.

At first glance, you will think that their ad is all about praising the iPhone 5. But in a blink of an eye, you will see that it is the opposite.

Yes, it looks like LG is paying homage to Apple’s panoramic capabilities found on their iPhone 5. Basically, the ad is all about saying ‘we can do more and way better than that’.

LG appears to be saying big NO to the iPhone 5. Basically, the ad is pointing out to the iPhone 5 being nothing but just eye-candy and that its panoramic feature is nothing compared to what they have to offer now.

With the new LG smartphone, you can take shot with a ceiling to floor range. True, it is wider than what the iPhone 5 can do for you.

This new feature of LG was inserted by Google into its Jelly Bean 4.2 and dubbed it as ‘Photo Sphere’.

Apple may be a bit flattered with LG’s new ad, as it obviously set the benchmark in which other mobile phone manufacturers are trying to surpass or compare themselves with. For the nth time, Apple got bashed again. It’s not by Samsung, this time it is by another Korean phone maker.

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