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Latest speculated feature inclusion on the Samsung Galaxy S4

2012 is nearing its end and 2013 is just right around the corner. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S series fan, then I am sure that you are waiting for 2013 along with millions and millions of fans. Yes, we have been writing about potential specs and features of the sequel to Samsung’s latest flagship the Samsung Galaxy S3. I am sure that you have encountered many rumoured specs about the Galaxy S4 by now, but if you look at all of them, they are noteworthy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 concept phone

We have heard of a potential March or April release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. There is also the rumoured flexible display on this phone. Of course, there is the 2.0 GHz quad-core processor on this phone and a 13MP rear-facing shutter.

However, recently, a new speculated feature inclusion came from sources based in Korea. It is about the Samsung Galaxy S4 landing with an S-Pen. Now, if you’re wonder why it sounds so familiar (the S-Pen), it is because of Samsung’s hybrid device the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. If there’s one thing that differentiates the Galaxy S series from the Galaxy Note series, is the S-Pen (and of course bigger display screen size). But if this is indeed true, then basically there’s not a big difference between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. But of course, we have to wait for Samsung’s official announcement before you all get excited or mad about this speculated feature inclusion on the Samsung Galaxy S3. For now, this is just a ‘rumour’ (but if the sources from Korea are telling the truth, then this could potentially happen and you have all the reason to rant and rave about it).

Your thoughts about this speculated feature inclusion please. Are for it or against it?

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