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Leaked bronze components suggest a bronze iPhone 5S

Components of the rumoured iPhone 5S (iPhone 5S info here) have been recently leaked. So what’s so special about these leaked components? They are coloured bronze. Normally, Apple launches its iPhones in just two colours, black and white. If these components are genuine, this would mean that the Cupertino firm is planning do something it doesn’t normally do and launch a bronze iPhone (related story here).iPhone-5S-001

The bronze components were leaked by iColoOS, a Chinese-speaking website. The leak was then spotted by nowhereelse.fr, a French-speaking website (visit website here). The components include a SIM-tray, volume button, mute button, and lock button. They are also shown side by side with the same components of the iPhone 4S (iPhone 4S info here) and iPhone 5 (iPhone 5 info here). Like we said before, the difference is the unusual colour bronze.

The question is, are these components genuine? It’s possible. However, it’s also possible that this is a hoax. Sadly, we can’t say for certain if these are real or fake since Apple is yet to announce anything official about the iPhone 5S. We don’t even know if the Cupertino firm will call it that. So like all rumours, take this with a grain of salt.

Are these components the real deal, or are they a hoax? Share your thoughts through a comment below.