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Leaked components suggests iPhone 5S may come in bronze

Leaked iPhone 5S (see iPhone 5S here) components suggest that Apple may launch a bronze coloured smartphone (see related news here), meaning the Cupertino firm could be spicing up its next smartphone with a colour tone other than black and white.iPhone-5S-001

Chinese site iColorOS is responsible for the leak, which was first spotted by French site nowhereelse.fr (see site here). In the leaked photos, components belonging to the iPhone 4S (see iPhone 4S here) and iPhone 5 (see iPhone 5 here) are compared to the alleged components of the iPhone 5S. The components of the next iPhone, including a SIM-tray, volume button, mute button, and lock button, are all coloured bronze.

Are these components the real deal, or are they a hoax? Sadly, there’s no way to know for sure. After all, Apple is known for being extremely tight-lipped about unreleased devices. So for now, treat this with a pinch of salt.

Do these bronze components belong to the iPhone 5S? Will Apple launch a bronze smartphone? Let us know what you think through a comment below.

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