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Leaked Nokia documents reveals more Windows Phone 7.8 features

Leaked internal Nokia documents reveal more information about the new Windows Phone 7.8 features. The said new OS will be the Windows Phone 7 devices OS update and this is said to bring limited selection of new features found on the Windows Phone 8 OS but meant for older models. Nokia’s older Lumia series the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 are two of the older devices that will benefit from this. Today, the said devices are running on Windows Phone 7.5.

Nokia Lumia 800 running on Windows Phone 7.8 OS

The leak happened online and it reveals that the Windows Phone 8 customisable lock screen will also make its way to Windows Phone 7.8 version. With this, user can select apps to push notification and photo content to the phone’s lock screen. Devices will get an updated Internet Explorer 9 but sadly will not get the new Internet Explorer 10 (for now). The said OS will bring new MP3 editor and it is designed to allow you to make your own ringtones. The same leak confirms previous reports saying that a greater range of theme colours will also land with it.

This new leaked Nokia document also adds to previous leaked information as it came from Microsoft’s own Italian Facebook presence. In the said leak, it was revealed that the Windows Phone 7.8 will support customizable Live Tiles, People’s Hub (new ‘Rooms’ feature), Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Music + Video.

There is no exact date of rollout to back up this leaked information about the Windows Phone 7.8 OS, but if we read through previous rumours, it suggests that this will rollout by Christmas (or possible anytime now). Yes, other rumours states that there will be a longer wait until the first quarter of next year and it’s quite possible. But the thing is, this is a potential bad move for Microsoft if they do wait that long to release the said update.

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