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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 camera photo?

CES 2013 is finally over and now we can move on and expect to see more leaks surrounding Samsung’s up and coming flagship, the Galaxy S4. We have heard about different rumours pertaining to this device by Samsung, but recently, the device is rumoured to sport a 10MP rear-facing camera. GalaxyS4-Leak-03-580-90

An image was recently uploaded to Picasa (Google’s photo sharing website). The said image claims to be taken by a device with model number SGH-N045. This particular image is consisted of a table leg, floor, and a filing cabinet.

The image is actually telling us that it was taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 10MP camera (with an image resolution of 4128 x 2322pixels and pegs at around 9.6MP mark). If you compare it with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3’s shutter, this is a big improvement with the two device hosing an 8MP shutter only.

Sadly, during the CES 2013, we were given different handsets bearing a 13 MP shutter. I am talking about the Sony Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend D2, and the ZTE Grand S.

If the leaked image claims to be taken by a 10MP shutter, then this is a big disappointment for all Samsung Galaxy S fans. Why launch a 10MP camera when others are now playing around with a 13 MP shutter on their phones?

But the good news is, the details pulled from the photo’s EXIF data proves nothing, as it can easily be forged to saying this and that. There is also no proof that the said image really came from Samsung’s upcoming flagship the Galaxy S4.

All we have to go on is the picture given above (for now), but I am still desperately wishing that it is not from the Galaxy S4. That somehow, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will sport a 13MP shutter and not a mere 10MP shutter.

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