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LG exec spills the beans on Nexus 4

An executive from LG India has leaked the rumoured Nexus 4, which is said to be a new Nexus smartphone. According to the exec, Google will be officially unveiling the new device at its event in New York on the 29th of October, which is a Monday.

In an interview with IBNLive.com, LG India’s head of mobile product planning, Amit Gujral, said, “Google will unveil the LG Nexus on 29 October and the phone will be available in the Indian markets by the end of November.”

Unfortunately, he only mentions that the device will be landing in Indian shops and not the UK. We’re sure, however, Google will be making the handset available for the British consumer if its making the handset available for the Indian market.

Gujral also spilled the beans on the phone’s specs. He revealed that the phone will come with a 4.7-inch display as well as a 1.5GHz processor. He also says that the smartphone will be powered by Android 4.2.

We’ve known about these specs for quite some time now, since they have been leaked before. According to previous leaks, the LG Nexus 4 will come with 2GB of RAM and a 720p screen. It is said to be based on the hardware of the LG Optimus G, but bear resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Android 4.2 is not a complete overhaul, but instead a minor update to Jelly Bean. We’re expecting to get more information on this version of Android at Google’s event on Monday.

Apparently, if reports are to be believed, the LG Nexus 4 will not be the only device to take the spotlight at Google’s event. A Samsung-made 10-inch tablet bearing the codename ‘Mantra’ is said to be one more device. It is said to be launched as the Google Nexus 10. The third device is a 32GB variant of the Google Nexus 7, which is said to have 3G support.

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