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LG seeking to ban the sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

It looks like we’re about to see a war between two Korean tech giants. LG is looking to ban the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 in Korea. The Note 10.1 is 10.1-inch tablet version of the popular Galaxy Note 2.

The report comes from Dow Jones. Via email, LG says, “Through this action, LG Display seeks to completely stop the sale, manufacture, and importation of [the] infringing Samsung product.” Aside from trying to ban the sale of the device, LG is also seeking to get around $1 million in damages for every day the tablet remains on sale. It is likely that LG will be filing similar lawsuits in other countries.

The site says, “The injunction follows a lawsuit filed by Samsung Display Co. on Dec. 7, which alleged that LG infringed seven of Samsung’s liquid crystal display patents. LG, which filed the injunction with the Seoul District Court on Wednesday, is aiming to block the sales of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet computer.”

Responding to LG attempting to ban the sale of the Note 10.1, Shim Jaeboo, vice president of Samsung display, denies that Samsung infringed LG-owned patents. He adds that Samsung will soon respond to LG’s “unjustified claims”.

Do you think LG will be successful in trying to ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, or do you agree with Samsung when it says that LG’s claims are unjustified? Share your thoughts through a comment below.