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Lock security flaw on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

It looks like Apple’s iPhone is not the only device with lock security flaw. Yes, Apple’s biggest rival Samsung is with the same lock security flaw. This particular flaw will allow unauthorized access to some of your phone’s apps. According to reports, it was Terence Eden (a researcher) who found out about the said security flaw on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 UK variant (running on Google’s Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS). note_2323527b

Eden’s blog post said: “Here’s a rather nifty security flaw I discovered on Samsung’s Android 4.1.2. It allows you – in limited circumstances – to run apps and dial numbers even when the device is locked.”

He also said that the attack works against the phone’s Pattern Lock, PIN, Password, and Face Unlock.

“There is no way to secure your phone against your homescreen being accessed.”

Eden also added that any user can activate your phone’s screen, press “Emergency Call”, press the “ICE” button on the phone’s bottom left, hold down the physical home key for a couple of seconds and then release.

Your home screen will be displayed briefly and any user (with malicious intents) can easily click on an app or widget (which in turn will launch).

He said: “It’s true, this attack is of limited value. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve disclosed it. Making a call relies on the phone having a direct dial widget on the home screen.”

Furthermore, Eden said that running the apps are also of limited use as they go into the background immediately. He also pointed out that there is a privacy concern that any attacker could see what apps you installed on your homescreen. Eden also added that Samsung does not have a dedicated responsible disclosure team or a bug bounty.

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