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Microsoft and Amazon rumoured to hire Foxconn to build their smartphones

Digitimes reports that Foxconn International Holdings, a subsidiary of Foxconn Electronics (the firm responsible for putting the iPhone and iPad together), will be responsible for mass producing Microsoft’s Surface phone running Windows Phone 8 and Amazon’s Android smartphone. The two phones are expected to be unveiled in mid 2013.

This new report of Microsoft planning to make its own smartphone lines up with a report from Chinese site IT Home. The site’s sources claimed that Foxconn has begun mass producing the Microsoft-branded Windows Phone 8 handset.

Early this month, a report claimed that the software giant was testing their handset with suppliers in Asia. This suggests that Microsoft is on the lookout for a manufacturing partner.

Reports claim that the phone’s display will measure between four to five inches. It’s a given that the handset will run Windows Phone 8.

Rumours of Microsoft developing its own smartphone have been doing the rounds ever since the company launched the Surface tablet. Since it has decided to make its own tablet, it would make sense for it to make its own smartphone.

The same report also claims Amazon has also sought out the services of Foxconn for their rumoured smartphone.

Amazon is enjoying the success of the Kindle Fire, a 7-inch tablet running a custom version of Android. Since the retail giant has created its own tablet, rumours have also been going around of the company’s plans of creating its own smartphone. After Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced that it was gearing for the launch of its new devices in 2013, many believe that we’ll finally get to see their rumoured smartphone.

Has Microsoft contracted Foxconn to make the Surface phone powered Windows Phone 8, has Amazon done the same for its Android smartphone? Let us know what you think through a comment below.

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