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More Leaked Specifications Of The Samsung Galaxy S4

images (1)The forthcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the hottest topics in the smartphone industry right now. A lot of tech enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating this announcement for several months already, and apparently, the unveiling of the phone by the South Korean manufacturer is set to happen on the 15th of March.


For a while now, many rumours and speculation about the features of the Galaxy S4 have been circulating around the internet. Initial rumours are suggesting that the new flagship Android device will come with a flexible screen as well as an 8-core processor. However, more recent leaks have stated that this will not be the case.


Now, it is assumed that the Galaxy S4 will be equipped with a 5-inch screen with a full HD 1080p resolution, a 12 MP camera, a more powerful quad-core processor than that of the Galaxy S3, a wireless charging function and LTE connectivity. The phone is expected to run the Android Jellybean operating system.


Together with the speculation about the features of the phone, there have recently been a number of photos leaked in the internet assumed to be Galaxy S4, although some are questionable in their authenticity. The final design and appearance of the phone is not yet confirmed but the specs of the new device have already been listed in a PDF file that was leaked from a financial services company in South Korea. A screenshot of the PDF is viewable at Phandroid. The new device is included in a list of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note 2, Ativ S, Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy S3 LTE. Even though there is no photo of the Galaxy S4 included, a few of its vital features is already listed, supporting the rumours about the screen, the OS, the processor etc. However, the size and the weight are still unspecified. Visit our website for the latest updates on the Samsung Galaxy S4, and find the best Samsung Galaxy S4 special offers.


More updates about the specifications and features of the phone will most likely be leaked until the day of its launch, and we will keep you informed about these and bring you the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it is released.