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Nano-coated and water poof Nokia handset?

Since 2013 started, the Finnish phone maker is always on the news. Maybe, it’s all because of the company’s plan for this year. It could also be helped with the company’s participation in the recently concluded Mobile World Congress 2013 expo in Barcelona. Or it can be due to the company’s recent partnership with P2i. Well, whatever the reason is, we are all happy about the attention that the company is now receiving. Nokia-P2i-Logo

According to recent talks, Nokia together with P2i partnered up during the MWC 2013. The two plans on releasing water proof nano-coated device for this year.

A quick background info on P2i, the company is famous for its nano-coating technology. They are known to protect devices from damages brought about by liquids. The said technology can protect a device from unwanted spillage or accidental water exposure by bouncing it off. This technology does not require use of vacuum caps and lids unlike other technology.

To this writing, there is no official word from the maker of the Nokia Lumia 920 as to what this new device will be called and whether they are releasing one or more units of this kind for this year. According to rumours, the company might launch the Nokia Lumia 1000 EOS with this technology.

Nokia may have had bad quarters after another, maybe this year, things will change for them. Maybe this new technology will attract more potential Nokia users. Who knows? All we have to do right now is to simply wait and see.

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