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New Apple commercials flaunts new features of the iPhone 5

In Apple’s latest attempt to divert attention to their iPhone 5, the Cupertino Firm released new TV commercials. Yes, people are talking non-stop about the up and coming Samsung Unpacked 2013 event and the much-awaited unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple can only try to showcase new features of its current flagship device, the iPhone 5iPhone 5

The company released snazzy iPhone 5 commercials dubbed as “Brilliant” and “Discover”. If you watch the commercials, you will easily notice how the tempo is upbeat to suit the iPhone 5’s appeal. Basically, these new commercials are the same as their recent iPad videos. The new Apple commercials display the iPhone 5 in a pair of hands that can click, tap, and swipe through different apps, games, and even videos. iphone 5 2

The first video is called “Brilliant”. You will notice how the company describes the iPhone 5 with the words: “Sweet, Rise, and Brilliant”. The phone’s features will allow you to easily pay for your Starbucks coffee with the help of the Passbook app. The MyScript math calculator will help you solve equations like a genius, and you can even control your lamp with one soft touch of the phone’s screen with the help of new Hue Lighting app.

The second video called “Discover” was described with the words “Rock, Sharp, and Discover”.  It focuses on the Apple Map apps and even shows features like how you can tune a guitar with the help of your iPhone. Find new places like restaurant with it too. Basically, you can use the iPhone 5 for music, gaming, and location with various apps as well.

The million dollar question is, “is this enough to take away the spotlight from Samsung”? Well we all know that Apple needs more than “new features” to do that. Basically, they need a new iPhone that they can put up against Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

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