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New Budget iPhone Set For 2013 Release According To Analyst

As we approach the launch of the new iPhone 5S it is not surprising that we are seeing an increasing number of news reports and rumours relating to this new model. What is perhaps more surprising is that a second iPhone model has also been popping up recently. We have heard rumours about a budget version of the iPhone being released and now an analyst has predicted that this new model will arrive in the summer months of this year.iPhone 5s

According to latest reports this new version of the popular iPhone will get a release at some point in 2013 and possibly as early as June this year. This information comes from Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets and the analyst has even suggested the price point at which we will see the model arrive. According to Mr White the new phone, rumoured to be named the iPhone Mini, will retail for between $250 and $300. When we translate these figures into UK sterling it means that UK consumers may well see the model arrive at a sub £200 price point. This is a very difficult figure to achieve and rival manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC have failed to launch a model commanding such a competitive price. “This low price will help Apple (AAPL) expand its smartphone market share in emerging markets such as China” said Mr White. In addition to this the phone will be massively appealing to pre pay consumers who find models like the iPhone 5 and the forthcoming iPhone 5S to expensive for this kind of deal. For more iPhone 5S News click here.

It has been suggested that the new iPhone Mini may well be penciled in for a release at around the same time as the iPhone 5S which many people believe will arrive over the summer months. Apple will be able to keep the cost of this handset so low due to the fact that they will not be making the same profit margins on the model as they do on more premium devices. A margin which is between 10 and 15 per cent less has been suggested. It has been suggested that this new model is essential for Apple in a bid to halt the domination of the Android operating system and also the success of market leaders Samsung. When we look closely at recent figures however things may not be as bad for Apple as many experts are suggesting. The company accounted for 75 per cent of all mobile profits in Q4 2013 despite holding a mere 9 per cent share of the market. The launch of the iPhone 5 also helped Apple to claim over 40 per cent of all mobile phone revenue for the same period. Check out the cheapest iPhone 5S prices here.

The arrival of a new budget iPhone is looking increasingly likely and many reports are suggesting that this new model could well be rolled out at the same time as the more premium iPhone 5S.