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New eye-tracking software on the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are a huge Samsung Galaxy S line fan, then I am sure that you know that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming out very soon. By soon, I mean in a couple of days from now. Yes, mark your calendar for March 14 as the Korean tech giant announces the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Stay-Smart-explained-1

One of the recent talks about this new Samsung flagship device is that it is actually looking back at you. The phone is said to feature a software that will track your every eye movements to perform key tasks. You can now say goodbye to scrolling down with your fingers, as the phone can do it by simply following your eyes. COOL!

With the Samsung Galaxy S4’s launch nearing us, it is only but common for new leaks to come out. One thing is missing though (and we hope that @evleaks will do something about it) a new picture or new rendered image of the said device. Soon enough, we will get a taste of the latest Samsung Galaxy S member.

According to New York Times (one responsible in citing a person who actually used the device), the Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a new unspecified technology to monitor its users’ eyes and translate the said motion into action. The source said that when you read an article and your eyes reach the bottom part, the software will then automatically scroll down for you, following your eye movements and will take you to the next paragraph or page.

Samsung filed for a trademark in the US on both “Samsung Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause” says the New York Times. New York Times noted that Samsung Galaxy S3 used Face recognition technology. So the Galaxy S4’s new feature is expected if the company wanted to top the features found on the Galaxy S3 for its next flagship device.

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