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New iPhone 6 Concept Gives Us An Insight Into The Potential Design Of This Model

We may only be a few weeks away from the release of the new iPhone 5S but many Apple fans have their attention fixed on 2014 and the arrival of the iPhone 6, a model set to boast a brand new design and a bigger display. There is little information regarding this handset currently available but this has not stopped some concept designs of the handset appearing online. A new concept has emerged over the last few days that gives us an insight into what the new model may look like.iphone 6

The latest iPhone 6 concept design to emerge shows the 2014 handset boasting a 6 inch display which meets the very edges of the phones chassis. The new idea has been dreamed up by designer Jonny Plaid who has made the device slimmer than previous generations of the device but the other measurements are larger due to the incorporation of the larger screen. In terms of materials the concept is made from aluminium carbon fibre which makes the model the most robust iPhone ever. The model is said to be 60 per cent stronger than previous version while at the same time being 40 per cent lighter than the iPhone 5 in terms of weight.

The screen on the new iPhone 6 concept shows the model running the forthcoming iOS7 operating system but the handset is also lacking a physical home key. This may pose a problem as a number of features included on iOS 7 such as Siri and multitasking require the presence of a physical button. The 6 inch screen is labelled as a new Retina 2 display which will feature a Graphene layer which will make the screen stronger than the Gorilla Glass which is used on a number of current models. This Graphene layer is described by Plaid as “having the thickness of just one carbon atom, graphene is the strongest known material. A single layer of graphene is virtually indestructible”. We will have to wait until next year until we catch a glimpse of the genuine iPhone 6 and it will be interesting to see how close the new model is to this intriguing concept design which has been released. Find out the newest iPhone 6 offers as they are released

Over the coming weeks we will see the iPhone 5S make a debut but the model is set to offer no changes in terms of design. Those wanting a new look iPhone will have to wait until the iPhone 6 arrives in 2014 and this new concept gives us an idea of what to expect from the model.