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New Patent Applications Hint At Some Aspects Of The New iPhone 6

The next generation device which is set to be launched by Apple is the iPhone 5S, however the iPhone 6 seems to be the model that consumers are most looking forward to. We will see the new phone arrive in 2014 sporting a new design and boasting a host of new features. Apple have posted two new patents which give us an idea of what we can expect from the new handset.iphone 6

Much like the company’s main rival Samsung, Apple are looking to include eye tracking technology on their next generation device. We have seen such technology included in some of Samsung’s latest releases. The Cupertino company have filed a patent named “Electronic Devices With Gaze Detection Capabilities” in which the benefits that the technology would bring to device such as the iPhone 6 and the iPad are outlined. Part of the filing read “When the device detects that the user has looked away from the device, the device may dim a display screen and may perform other suitable actions”. When it comes to the efficiency of the battery this addition to the model has obvious benefits, but Apple are also aware that Samsung offer similar technology which has not been received that well by its consumers. Click here for more iPhone 6 News

Apple fans are sure to be excited by the second patent that has been filled by the company which related to the screen on the device. The filing suggests that we will see a slightly curved display on the new iPhone 6 which will be able to measure the pressure that the user applies by adding an additional z axis to the devices touchscreen capabilities. Apple Insider discovered this patent which is named “Embedded Force Measurement”. Part of the abstract which accompanies the filing reads “force detection system that detects force exerted on a flexible display based upon changes in resistance and/or capacitance”. An application such as GarageBand is a great example of how this technology can benefit users. Using the virtual keyboard on this application, the phone would be able to detect the pressure exerted on the screen to determine how loud a note should be played. Check out the best iPhone 6 offers here

These latests two patents that have been filled by Apple give us an idea of where they are heading in terms on new technology and consumers can expect to see such features included on the forthcoming iPhone 6.