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New Patent Details Support Rumours Of A New Budget iPhone Release

We are fully expecting to see the nest generation iPhone, the iPhone 5S hit the shelves over the coming months and recent news has been suggesting that a second more entry level model is also set for release. Details have emerged about a new patent filing from Apple that looks very much like it could be the model in question. iphone 5s

Details about this patent filing from Apple further fuels speculation that w could be about to see the arrival of a new entry level iPhone. The date on the original patent submission is back in February 2012 but the patent was only granted on January the 29th this year. This means that the device could have been developed over the last 12 months and this supports rumours that the model will appear over the summer months along with the iPhone 5S. Industry experts have already commented that such a handset is needed from Apple in order for the company to remain viable as a smartphone manufacturer. An increasing number of consumers are looking for cheaper contract deals while Pay As You Go deals are also becoming more popular. The new budget iPhone would enable Apple to compete in this area of the market. Click here for more iPhone 5S News

Looking more closely at the patent filing the design shows a phone featuring a rear facing camera facility but lacking a front facing camera. The omission of a secondary camera will help reduce production costs and subsequently the retail price of the phone. The filing also states that plastic materials are set to be used on the body of the phone, a cheaper alternative to the glass and metals we have seen featured on recent versions of the iPhone. The design of this model seems to lack the famous Home key that feature on iPhone’s but this is no great shock as the iPhone 5S is also rumoured to be missing this element as Apple are looking to use an entirely gestured based user interface. This new iPhone handset is said to be penned for a launch along with the iPhone 5S in the summer of this year. Check out iPhone 5S news and deals here

This latest patent looks every inch like it could be the new budget iPhone we have been hearing so much about. The fact that model has been in the pipeline for over one year suggests that the rumoured summer launch with the iPhone 5S is looking increasingly likely.