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New Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 ad now mocks Blackberry

In the past, Samsung made fun of Apple enthusiasts queued for hours, waiting for their turn to get their hands on the iPhone 5. Now, the Korean tech giant has launched a new ad that does the same thing. This time, however, the ad makes fun of Blackberry users.samsung_safe_blackberry

Samsung’s ads never mention any of its rivals’ handsets, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out what phone the ad is mocking. This time, it mocks Blackberry’s square image and tells us the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 can get more things done.

The ad shows app developers preparing for the launch of their biggest game. They also take the opportunity to try and convince Blackberry users to convert to the two Samsung Galaxy devices. One scene shows an employee attending to clients while watching a basketball game on his Note 2. He also makes fun of a Blackberry-touting colleague. Another scene shows an older employee, refusing to hear more about the efficient one-phone system offered by the Galaxy S3 and sticks to her obsolete two phone system, business (Blackberry) and home (iPhone).

The ad promotes SAFE, which stands for Samsung Approved For Enterprise. This uses AES 256-bit encryption for keeping sensitive work files and emails secure. Colleagues can share ideas via VPN and NFC.

Some may find the advert amusing, but we’re sure RIM isn’t at all amused. It has been working hard adding thousands of apps in preparation for the Blackberry 10 launch on the 30th of the month. Here, the Canadian firm also plans to launch two new BB10-powered handsets the QWERTY-sporting X10 and the touchscreen Z10.

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