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New Samsung Galaxy S4 Processing Chip Criticised By Rival

The public may not have been treated to a new Samsung smartphone at CES 2013 which was held recently in LAs Vegas but they did get to see the companies latest processing technology in the form of the new Exynos 5 Octa CPU. The unveiling of this new chip has led to reports that it will be first introduced on the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone but the processor has been criticised by the boss of a rival company.galaxy s4

Qualcomm is a well known chip manufacturer that make various components including mobile phone processors. Paul Jacobs is the boss of this company and speaking at the recent Born Mobile event in China he took to the stage and said that the latest Exynos 5 chip was nothing more than a “publicitiy stunt” thanks to the eight cores that it boasts. Mr Jacobs went on to stress that an increased number of cores led to a number of negative issues that include heating problems and poor battery performance. The recent jumps from dual core to quad core processor and now the introduction of Octa cores does seem to be an attempt from some companies to outshine their rivals and Mr Jacobs believes that these “core Wars” will eventually end with manufacturers concentrating on producing better optimised chips. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to be launched in May and feature the latest Exynos processor. For more Samsung Galaxy S4 News click here.

There is actually some truth in the point that more cores does not necessarily mean better performance but Mr Jacobs comments do come as a bit of a surprise as the new Exnos 5 CPU actually includes some technology developed by his own Qualcomm company. The chip uses Big Little architecture to ensure that the high level of performance does not have a negative effect on the battery life of the phone or on efficiency. This new processor was unveiled by Samsung at the recent CES event and was one of the most eye catching products displayed by the company. It is believed that it will be just one of several new additions on the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset. Others improvements will include a new 5 inch display and a better digital still camera. Discover the best Samsung Galaxy S4 prices here.

There is some truth behind Mr Jacob’s words from the recent Born Mobile event but the fact of the matter is that the Exynos 5 Octa CPU is still likely to deliver the ultimate smartphone performance and will debut on the Samsung Galaxy S4.