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New Samsung Galaxy S4 video

The Korean tech giant recently released a new video for its much-awaited and very famous Samsung Galaxy S4. This time around, the company did not bash other mobile tech giants (not even Apple). Surprised? Well, I am not. They have the world’s eyes on them, as the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is nearing us. samsung unpacked

This new video revolves around the new Samsung secret messenger named Jeremy. If you look at the video, it seems like at least one person knows more about the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung posted a video via the company’s Facebook account, as the company plugs its up and coming Unpacked 2013 event (happening on the 14th of this month). The same date is the day where we will finally see the famous Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Samsung video is mainly focused on the young Jeremy. In the video, the young guy asked for permission to take a peak of what’s inside the box. Reading behind the story, young Jeremy could have done more than peeking. Maybe a little tinkering happened behind the scenes too. Who knows? With the way his face glowed, I am sure that he was surprised at what he saw. One thing is for sure, Samsung is known to put big smiles to its clients’ faces.

It’s only a matter of days before the Unpacked 2013 event by Samsung happens. This time, the event will take place in the big old New York City. Last year, it happened in London UK for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Whatever young Jeremy saw inside the box, it is probably the coolest thing he has laid his eyes on. I am sure that we will be giving the same reaction when we finally see the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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