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Newly granted Apple patent suggesting your iPhone is protected when it falls

Believe it or not, Apple has been granted a patent that protects your iPhone (and other Apple products) when you drop it. apple-logo

According to Apple Insider’s report, the newly granted Apple patent is capable of adjusting your iPhone’s position as it is falling (yes!), this way the device will land on its back or edge and not face down. This may sound all bonkers but it is here and Apple can use it whenever they want to.

This patent can be used with all Apple products with a processor (including laptops and tablets), but the iPhone was mentioned in this patent application.

The patent says, in order to see how dropping a tablet or an iPhone is positioned, the said system will have to use a sensor (i.e. gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer, or imaging sensor). The processor will then tell the system how fast the device is falling and how far it is from the ground. This will remember the previous falls too, to help the system make its mind up as fast  as it can.

The question is, how can this patent actually position or tilt the device so it doesn’t land face first? Well, a couple of possible solutions are mentioned, it also includes shifting weight within the phone, lift foils that extend out to the ground’s surface, or even a miniature gas canister to act as the device’s thrust.

This new patent was originally filed back September 2011 and was only granted last week. So it is quite safe to say that this patent will have to wait until it finally finds its way to your next iPhone.

Basically, the idea sounds all too crazy if you ask me, but if Apple can make it, then the idea is not that bad at all. But if you think about it, will the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 come in with a mini gas canister or this new patent? Let’s all wait and see.

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