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No expedition of Apple’s appeal against Samsung (says US Court)

Monday, Apple’s request to expedite its bid for a sales ban on a couple of Samsung’s smartphones was rejected by a US Appeals Court. The same court ruled that the maker of the iPhone 5 could not argue its case to the full appeals court that fast.

A lower court judge rejected Apple’s bid for a permanent injunction following Apple and Samsung’s trial last year. The ruling said that a three-judge panel will consider Apple’s appeal and a full appeals court will not decide whether to hear the case until after a resolution is handed down by the three-judge panel.

The ongoing Apple and Samsung’s fight came after the Cupertino Firm won last year (ended up with $1.05 Billion in damages) courtesy of Samsung. Apple simply followed up that win by seeking a permanent band on some of Samsung’s devices in the US. But, analysts expected Apple to try and extend such ruling to Samsung’s Galaxy S3. Judge Lucy Koh rejected Apple’s request.

This unending fight between the two tech giants is seen as a proxy war between Apple and Google. It just so happen that Samsung runs majority of their smartphones under the Android OS by Google. Even Steve Jobs even went out of his way to call it as “STOLEN PRODUCT” pertaining to Google’s Android OS.

The Federal Circuit ruling last Monday, allows Samsung to keep its devices available in the US, while Apple’s appeal proceeds on a much slower pace.

Their bid for a pre-trial sales ban against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is seen as nothing but a long shot by most analysts. It was last week when Apple was denied of a new trial before a full court.

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