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Nokia Looking For A New Linux Engineer – Is Nokia Working On An Android Phone?

For a number of years, Nokia has been one of the most high profile mobile phone manufacturers in the world.  Recently though, the Finland based manufacturer has struggled to compete with market leading devices from the likes of Samsung and Apple, and as a result has fallen out of favour with consumers compared to its previous levels of popularity.


Most of Nokia’s recent smartphone efforts have centred around Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, which is also the case with its latest flagship, the Lumia 920 which has Windows Phone 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile platform.  By doing this, Nokia has ensured that it massively dominates over other manufacturers which utilise the operating system.


The new Nokia Lumia 920 has already achieved impressive sales figures for after being on the market for less than a month, with reports of over 2.5 million sales, with stocks running dry in Australia, Germany and the US.  This is a very encouraging sign for the company, especially in the midst of its recent financial issues as a result of being unable to compete with Android and iOS.


According to SlashGear though, Nokia may be in the process of developing its first Android powered smartphone.  This rumour kicked off due to the fact that Nokia has recently been advertising for a Linux engineer.  Linux is the coding language used by the Android OS.  Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the company will be producing an Android phone, but some industry experts believe that this is the case. The latest Nokia Lumia 920 Information can be found on our website along with Nokia Lumia 920 Price Comparison.


By using the Android operating system, Nokia would no doubt produce a very impressive smartphone.  By combining the versatility and ease of use of this platform with the manufacturer’s renowned build quality and hardware features, the results would surely be very impressive.


An android phone from Nokia is still purely speculation at this point, especially so as it is currently being kept very busy with the success of the Lumia 920.  If we hear of any developments, will be sure to keep you posted.