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Nokia Lumia 620 Now Up For Pre-Order In The UK

Last week, Nokia unveiled a new smartphone model called the Lumia 620. This phone is a new entry level model behind the flagship Lumia 920 and mid range Lumia 820.

The device is offered as an entry level option to its higher end counterparts, which are currently both selling very well in several countries around the world. Being a budget model, the Lumia 620 of course does not have the same advanced technology found on the other models, but it does come with the same Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Despite being an entry level model, the Nokia Lumia 620 offers a number of other impressive features considering its price tag. The device also boasts a 3.8 inch Nokia ClearBlack touchscreen display, 8 GB of internal storage, 1 GHz single-core processor and 5 megapixel camera. Coupled with its low price tag, it is easy to see that the Lumia 620 is likely to be a popular choice.

Much like many of Nokia’s older mobile phone models, the Lumia 620 also has interchangeable covers, with a number of different colour options available. Combined with its affordable price point, this feature means the Nokia Lumia 620 is likely to be particularly appealing younger consumers who may not be able to afford devices like the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. Visit our website for updates on the Nokia Lumia 620 and the most affordable deals on the Nokia Lumia 620.

Although the Lumia 620 was only announced last week, the phone has already been made available for pre-order by a number of online retailers in the UK. To get your hands on the SIM free handset, you can expect to pay £175, but of course those who take out pay a monthly contract would generally be able to get the phone for a cheaper price or even free.

The Nokia Lumia 620 fills the gap in the Lumia range, and perfectly complements the mid range Lumia 820 and flagship Lumia 920, ensuring the Finland based manufacturer has all bases covered.