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Nokia Lumia 920 sequel thinner and made of aluminium?

It looks like the Finnish mobile maker is highly considering eliminating their polycarbonate body design for their Lumia devices. Why? This is their way of paving way for thinner and lighter new devices. The Verge spoke with sources familiar to the matter. The source said that Nokia is aiming for modified materials for at least one of their devices for 2013.


Catwalk (codename for the new device) will sit on top of Nokia’s pile and is said to replace the Nokia Lumia 920. Meaning, this will be Nokia’s newest flagship and one to replace the Lumia 920’s title.

If you’re a big fan of Nokia’s polycarbonate design, you simply can’t deny that even with the said built, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a beast of a device. With a potential aluminium body for the Catwalk, the company is aiming to reduce the device’s thickness and weight.

If and when Nokia plans to stop using polycarbonate for their upcoming devices, does it mean that the devices will also lose its colourful edge? I don’t think so. Why? Well, for one, Nokia released the N8 with aluminium built. If you noticed, the device came in cool and refreshing coulours too. It’s highly possible that they will do the same with the Catwalk.

The same source also added that this new device will share similar internals as the Nokia Lumia 920. Now, this is quite upsetting, as we are all hoping that Nokia will go for an upgraded version of their current flagship. It’s not that the phone is not powerful enough with its dual-core processor, but with quad-core devices running the show today, Nokia should also aim for twice the power that the Lumia 920 gave us. Maybe, come out with more RAM and a quad-core processor for the Catwalk (that would be nice, don’t you think?).

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