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The Nokia Lumia 920-US Price Slashed By Amazon

Early reactions to the new Windows 8 mobile operating system have been very good and this has been helped by some super handsets that have been launched alongside the new OS. The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are two of the leading Windows devices available and demand for these models may be boosted by new price cuts introduced by a leading US retailer.

Over in the United States consumers looking to get their hands on a new Windows 8 device can currently get hold of some super deals on Nokia phones from Amazon. The premium Nokia Lumia 920 handset has had its price slashed from $60 to $40 when purchased with a 24 month contract on the AT&T network. This latest reduction represents an impressive 50 per cent price decrease. This deal is being offered on Blue and White variants of this handset. Consumers looking for an even lower initial outlay can get the Lumia 820 handset for free on a similar deal. It is not only the Nokia Windows phones that Amazon have decreased the prices on. The HTC 8X is the flagship handset for the platform and a great deal is being offered on the Yellow 8GB version. This handset can be purchased with a contract for free but other colour versions are commanding a $40 initial payment while the larger 16GB capacity model costs $10 more. Click here for Nokia Lumia 920 prices

When you take look across all Windows phones currently available it is evident that the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 are the very best devices that money can buy. The HTC handset is the device named as the official Windows 8 handset but in the eyes of many consumers the Lumia 920 is the real show stealer. The model is packed with the very best specification to enable it to compete with top handsets on rival platforms such as Android and iOS. The model boasts a great 4.5 inch screen and a powerful dual core chipset that helps the model deliver excellent performance speeds. In terms of design there are few models that can top what the 920 has to offer and the usual selection of excellent colours are available. For more
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Windows 8 has enjoyed a high level of early success and strong devices such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X have played their part in this. The latest price reductions should attract more consumers to this rapidly growing platform.

  • kent ma

    I don’t think they needed to reduce the price, I am not sure why they did this. I don’t think the sales were low. May be companies are trying to file some losses for end of q4