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Nokia might include 41MP PureView sensor to its new Lumia device

The Finnish phone maker gave us a superb camera phone last year. I am talking about the Nokia PureView 808. This device is packed with not 5 or 8MP but 41MP.

Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

Now, according to a recent report, Nokia is said to be planning to bring a new 41MP PureView sensor to one of its up and coming Lumia device. Yes, I am talking about a Windows Phone powered device.

According to The Guardian, Nokia is prepping a new Nokia Lumia device (codenamed EOS) for a super high-resolution PureView imaging system. The said new Lumia device is scheduled to ship in the US this summer.

A Nokia spokesperson said to The Guardian “While we are delighted with the attention the Nokia Lumia range continues to gather, it has been our long-held policy not to comment on market rumours or speculation”.

Going back to Nokia’s first 41MP sensor camera phone, the said device was launched during last year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Nokia PureView 808 is a Symbian-powered handset. Now, Nokia’s PureView technology is capable of taking incredibly high-res images and one that can combine up to seven pixels in one. Nokia also said that it is capable of ‘eliminating the visual noise found on other mobile phone cameras’.

Today, Nokia’s current flagship device the Nokia Lumia 920 is packed with 8.7MP camera. It is not 41MP, but it is good enough, considering that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 are both with 8MP cameras only.

If and when Nokia plans to add the super-sized PureView sensor to its up and coming Lumia device, they will most likely get more followers. Which is of course is what the Finnish company needs. Yes, they simply need to create something that will make them stand out, and something that will allow them to possibly outshine Apple and Samsung’s products.

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