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Nokia Working On A Follow Up Model To The Lumia 925 That Will Be The First Quad Core Windows Phone

We have already seen Nokia hit the headlines over the past few weeks thanks to the high profile launch of their brand new Nokia Lumia 925 Windows powered device. Now new reports are suggesting that the renowned Finnish manufacturers will be the first to deliver a quad core Windows phone to the market.lumia 925

These latest reports have materialised thanks to new leaked benchmark test results that reveal that Nokia are indeed developing a quad core Windows phone. These results have been published on a database linked to the internet site GFXBench and they reveal a new Nokia handset that boasts a quad core processor along with an Adreno 305 graphics processing unit. The words Nokia and Windows are both specifically mention on the new results although there is no direct reference to the type of quad core processor that is featured but many rumours suggest a Qualcomm chip. The Windows 8 platform will soon welcome the new GDR3 update and this new software will include support for quad core devices. Nokia will be keen to offer a device that fully supports all aspects of the new update although looking at the results they do show that the screen will be the same resolution as the Nokia Lumia 925 and not the 1080P standard the GDR3 is rumoured to support.

It has been recently revealed by Qualcomm that there latest 400 series chip will fully support the Windows platform hence why this is the chip that is rumoured to have featured on the new, unnamed device. This chip feature quad A7 cores which are clocked at a speed of 1.2Ghz. A new range of four core chips are also said to be in production but as yet we do not know whether these are for Microsoft’s platform of for the Android format. In just over a fortnights time Nokia have an event scheduled where they will unveil their latest smartphone, the eagerly awaited EOS Pureview model. There is a chance that this model will be the device that appeared in the latest benchmarking results. If this turns out to be correct it will be the second premium Windows handset released in a short period of time by the Finnish manufacturers following the recent release of the Nokia Lumia 925, a model that is currently offered by leading network providers in the UK

The Nokia Lumia 925 is currently proving a big hit with consumers but it looks as though a new device that boasts quad cores could be in the pipeline.