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Photogrid Lets You Create Attractive Collages On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the features that really stands out on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is the excellent camera feature that is boasted by the handset. This enables users of the phone to capture high quality images and store them directly on the handset or share them with friends and family. A range of apps can be downloaded to help users perform a number of different tasks with their photos. Many of these boast editing tools but we take a look at one of the more unusual ones without editing features.

Photogrid is a brand new application for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which allows users to arrange collections of photographs together within a single image. Many of us use the camera features on our phone at some point but very few of us do any more with the image apart from share it on social networking sites. Photogrid gives you the opportunity to create attractive collages of your favourite snaps. You can choose to create an image containg photos of your best friends or a collection of images from a recent holiday. The end results look very professional and a nice change from a series of single photographs. Once users have created their “grid” the result can be saved on the handset or shared with site such as Facebook. Users of the popular Instagram service will also appreciate the fact that the collage can be resized to enable it to be easily posted to this service.

Photogrid presents users with a simple grid that comprises of three rows each contain three photogrpahs. This may sound very basic but it is what you do with the image once you have placed them in the grid that makes it so impressive. Once your nine snaps have been selected you can easily adjust the size of any selected image as well as rotate the photos. This helps you to make certain photos stand out and also helps the image look very stylish. The app offers a range of backgrounds that also be used to further enhance the end product although in many instances a simple white background works best. The Samsung Galaxy S3 captures high quality photographs at 8 mega pixel resolution and this helps the Photogrid collages to look very impressive. A range of other photo features are also boasted by the model including the option to capture shots while recording photo and an impressive rapid shot mode.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the leading camera phones available and apps such as Photogrid enhance the appeal of this area of the phone. The software allows users to create eye catching collages quickly and easily and the end results look superb.

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